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Participate in a Legacy of Peace

Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park at Historic Vine City

Named after its founder, the Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park in Historic Vine City (“Cook Peace Park”), in commemorating the rich history of Peace in Georgia, is dedicated to the promotion of peace and cooperation through leadership, international collaborations, and action to help solve the greatest challenges of our time.

Being a headquarters of multiple peace institutes and think tanks and a first of it’s kind K-20 peace education initiative, the park showcases Georgia’s 300-year tradition of peace while also establishing Atlanta as the “Global City of Peace.”

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Continuing a Global Legacy of Peace Through the Example of The Atlanta Way

The Peace Park will include monuments, 18 statues of Georgia peacemakers, and libraries that will educate, inspire, and bring together the local community in Atlanta and visitors from around the world.

Peace Column

The 115-foot tall Peace Column is topped by a statue of Chief Tomochichi of the Yamacraw/Creek Tribe, considered Georgia’s co-founder with General James Oglethorpe. Chief Tomochichi began the 300-year tradition of peace in Georgia. The Peace Column will contain the 8,000 volume library of C.T. Vivian as well as the 3,000 volume library of the Martin Luther King, Jr. family.

Georgia Nobel Peace Pantheon

The pantheon, located at the park’s highest point, will have 5 of the 18 statues of Georgia’s Nobel Peace Laureates, as well as think-tank incubator office space for international organizations to develop peace and education initiatives.

Ambassador Andrew Young

Peace Institute

An expansive building that will contain the archive of Andrew Young, exhibit the Arnett Tinwood art collection, provide housing for visiting peace ambassadors, and provide four levels of underground parking for the Peace Park as well as the nearby Martin Luther King, Jr. Life Home.

Financial Support of the Park

Funding for the Peace Park comes from a collaboration between the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Watershed Management, The National Monuments Foundation, The Trust for Public Land, and thousands of individual donors. Funds are used for a variety of projects including buildings, monuments, and statues.
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